Some words from the author


There are stories we tell and there are stories which tell themselves, which insist on their own integrity and refuse all our attempts to control them.


I never intended to write The Gospel of Love. The story of Elias simply began to appear on the page one day. I didn’t know what I was writing: no plans, no expectation, no agenda. And that’s really how it’s been ever since. The words come, I write them down, trying to resist the temptation to ask “What happens next?”


This way of writing feels like a lesson in trust. An invitation to let things be and allow the story to unfold in its own way, at its own pace. Sending the chapters out into the world as the book evolves feels a bit like a leap of faith.


There comes a point in every journey when we are encouraged to take a step into the unknown, without thought for where it leads.


This is my step… I invite you to join me for the journey. 

The first chapters of The Gospel of Love can be read below. Over time more will emerge and join them as the book grows and takes shape. What you are reading is the evolution of a story and a creative process: spontaneous, alive, not yet committed to paper.


When the last chapter is complete, The Gospel of Love will be carefully crafted and re-edited, hopefully to be released as a book.

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