Part romance, part spiritual odyssey, part allegory… The Gospel of Love weaves an enthralling tale quite unlike our familiar versions of history.
This is a simple story of love, of the yearnings of the soul, and the paths which lead us deeper into the labyrinth of the human heart. It is also the story of a man with no voice: a figure reviled and despised, but whose actions and motivations may just be misunderstood.
My name is Elias and I am a man besotted.

I live for love and love lives in me.

What I do and what I have done will be judged by many whose judgements are worth as little as a grain of sand in the desert, for such are the words of the powerful men who write the stories of history.

But love does not and cannot lie…

From the deserts of the Holy Land and the greatest cities of the ancient Roman world comes an intimate account of one man’s journey into light.

This is a book about the pain of feeling separate, and the wonder of knowing we are whole. It is about those journeys which lead us to know who we are – even when the desert swallows us, the skies blind us, and we cannot see the way forward.

It is a story about love.